• Sun Dynamic Infared Sauna Photon LED Model – SUN 110  $2,200.00 inc GST.     FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE

Professional Sauna Quality In The Comfort Of Your Home

This Photon LED model includes red photon LED lights and germanium/tourmaline stones to maximise the intensity of the infrared rays, detoxification process and rejuvenation of the skin.

This Photon LED model includes all the features of the deluxe model SUN-102A while incorporating photon red LED lights into the sauna design. Photon LED lights may promote skin rejuvenation, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity and produce firmer and smother skin. They could also reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation and increase collagen resulting in healthier, glowing skin.

The photon LED sauna dome itself is constructed from premium cedar wood and uses carbon heaters to produce the far infrared rays. The dome is also constructed to ensure even and deep heating throughout the dome, meaning no spots are left unattended. The device is of professional quality and has been tested to meet European Standard, making it available for home use. Energy efficient, portable and easy to disassemble to store or transport, the Photon LED Model – SUN 110 is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of a sauna in your own home.

Additional information

Rated Voltage


Rated Power


Approx. Energy Cost

30c per hour


0-60 minutes

Temperature Range

25°C – 90°C

FIR Heated Mat Temp Range

25°C – 70°C

Product Size - Extended

180cm (L) x 77cm (W) x 45cm (H)

Product Size - Folded

90cm (L) x 77cm (W) x 45cm (H)



Interior Lining

Infrared Material Inlaid with Germanium & Tourmaline Stones
Incorporating red photon LED lights




2 years

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Sun Dynamic Infared Sauna Photon LED Model – SUN 110 $2,200.00 inc GST. FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE

  • $2,200

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