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Lubrisine is an eye drop formula that has provided tremendous relief to me and many of my patients.  The best place to begin in extoling the product's virtues is to give some detail regarding my own eye situation.  For some reason that I cannot begin to explain, starting in early 2005 and for three and one half years subsequently, I suffered with nearly constant "styes" (an infection that causes a tender red lump on or inside the eyelid, caused by bacteria) and "chalazions" (inflammatory cells that have been walled off and become a cyst or firm lump in the eyelid, they are larger and less painful than a stye).  These two things, which occurred in the upper and lower lids of both of my eyes, were extremely embarrassing.  I am an eye doctor and for those three and one half years, my eyes constantly looked hideous.  At times, I had as many as five simultaneous eyelid bumps which were distributed around both eyes.

I am an eye doctor and have easy access to every Rx drop available to the professional Ophthalmology/Optometry world and believe me, I tried them all; along with warm compresses, lid scrubs, and special eyelash cleaners, etc!  Additionally, I added oral antibiotics that are designed to beat back bacterial eyelid infections to the regimen.  Utilizing Herculean efforts, the best that I could do in overcoming a nearly constant eyelid infection/inflammation situation was to reduce the lumps to just one, or if lucky, I might become lump and symptom-free for 3 or 4 weeks.  Unfortunately, the symptom-free periods were merely short respites, which in turn, quickly gave way to an exacerbation of the same problem. 

During brief periods when better control of the situation was achieved, I accomplished that “beating back” of the problem by taking oral antibiotics while constantly pouring in both steroid drops along with numerous steroid injections.  Ongoing steroid drops in the eye are a potentially dangerous thing since they can induce glaucoma in “steroid responders” or alternatively, encourage early cataract formation.  Nevertheless, I could hardly stand to go around looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame so I kept it up.  I got so desperate in 2007 and 2008 that, three separate times, a physician friend of mine injected a steroid directly into what I called “the lid abscesses.”  I use the word “desperate” because anyone who would do that more than once is groping for any conceivable help.  The pain of injections directly into the eyelid starting from the lid margin and going deeper was nearly unbearable.  Yet, what else could I do?  Everywhere I went, both other eye doctors with whom I interacted and patients/friends who saw me asked if I had “styes” or, “What is wrong with your eyes”?  It was maddening.  Into this horrible and unchanging scenario came ACS 200, ACZ Nano, and Lubrisine.

I had become aware of and had begun using Results RNA®’s ACS 200 and ACZ Nano formulas for about a year.  These products were utilized with numerous patients, as well as myself, to accomplish their labeled purposes; ACS 200 orally, to lower one’s bacterial, viral, and fungal load; ACZ Nano orally, to lower one’s toxic and heavy metal load.  One day, at my wits end, I decided to start spraying both of these solutions into my eyes, 4 to 6 times a day, and to instill twice a day, another product that I had just learned about, Lubrisine eye drops.  The resulting effect was incredible, and though I don’t want to use hyperbolic language, I have to say that it was a life-changing experience.  For the first time in 42 months, I began to get control of my eyelid problems.  It took about two days to notice a mild improvement and ten days to notice a significant improvement.  Within four weeks, the stye/chalazion types of bumps were eliminated.  I was ecstatic.  The only element that was left over from my 42 month sojourn into eye suffering was a dry and mild allergic type of itch.  But as far as the red lumps and embarrassment over an ugly eye situation is concerned, I was free of them.  I kept up the ACS 200 and ACZ Nano daily spraying for 6 months out of fear that the problems might return.  They never did, nor did they return when I eventually risked discontinuing the daily spraying.

Immediately after getting control of the worst of the problems, I began to instill Lubrisine even more frequently, up to six times daily.  The remaining dry itchy feeling, which felt like allergy, quickly resolved.  All of my adult life, I have had to use mast cell stabilizing drops in my eyes, steroid drops, antihistamine drops, lubricants, or a combination of all of these during summer allergy season.  Yet, neither over-the-counter nor Rx anti-allergy drugs felt as good nor performed as well in accomplishing allergic eye itch relief as did Lubrisine.  The very fact that Lubrisine helped so dramatically was, itself, an irritation to me.  How can all the allergic Rx drops I have ever used be deficient compared to this all-natural product?  I began to communicate with David Larson, from Results RNA®, about the formula. 

Since those days back in late 2008, David and I have communicated many times as the Lubrisine formula has been enhanced to provide even more patient comfort.  The original formula was better than any Rx drug I had used for relief of dry eye irritation or the itchy eye allergic response.  The latest version of the Lubrisine eye drop is even better than the formulations made along the way. 

My personal story in regards to the eye problems from which I suffered for those three and one half years ends with this remark.  Lubrisine keeps my allergic eye itching and dry eye sensation, especially during allergy season, very much in check.  If I feel as if I have had an unusual exposure to high allergens, such that I am experiencing an extremely high allergy prone moment, I will add two or three sprays of ACZ Nano to my eyes, several times over the course of the day.  But nothing has consistently given me more comfortable eyes than the regular use of all-natural Lubrisine eye drops.        

Because of the soothing relief from dryness, irritation from pollution in the air, and allergic itch that my eyes felt from the use of Lubrisine, I naturally began recommending it to my patients who often complain about eye discomfort.  Over the course of my professional career, dry eye has become an epidemic problem.  Nearly all of my continuing education curricula now includes a course on dealing with the dry eye patient.  I believe the underlying causes of this epidemic dryness condition from which patients suffer are: increased environmental toxins which results in an increasing body load of toxins along with a lack of proper nutrition in the general population.  When it comes to dry eyes, iodine deficiency is a special reason for the problem though that is not the only deficiency factor. 

Many pharmaceutical companies have taken on the dryness challenge by developing “artificial tear” products in an effort to help patients’ with their symptoms.  In spite of massive efforts in that area (it’s a huge business) along with the development of the Rx drug, Restasis, dry eyes continue to be an ongoing and even increasing problem.  Artificial tears provide temporary moisture and Restasis fights eye and corneal surface inflammation, which in turn allows more natural tear production to occur.  Nevertheless, many doctors continue to look for additional aids to combat the frequent annoyance of their patients’ having to struggle through the day with irritated eyes. 

When I began to recommend Lubrisine to the more advanced dry eyed patients I was dealing with, we found that an immediate sense of relief would occur.  Most of my career has been focused on specialty contact lens fitting that is needed to restore vision after traumatic or medical/genetic induced corneal shape problems (as in keratoconus) has occurred.  In fact, for nearly 20 years, I owned a contact lens manufacturing company.  By their very nature, contact lenses tend to make an already dry eyed patient even worse.  Hence, my professional life has been one in which I have battled to find ways to help many of my patients who have dry eyes.

As 2010 and 2011 passed, I found myself turning to Lubrisine more and more frequently.  Patients reported great symptom relief from instilling these drops. I quickly began to wonder, “If Lubrisine helped the advanced dry eye patient’s symptoms, what would it do for the patient who had occasional irritated, dry, or allergy-induced itchy eyes?” The answer was that everyone reported immediate, dramatic improvements. Lubrisine has resolved my patients‘eye dryness and itching over and over again in my experience. I have come to recommend it with complete confidence.  Just last week, I saw a 68 year old male patient to whom I had recommended Lubrisine one month previously, “just to see if it would help.”  While in an unrelated follow up exam, out of the blue he volunteered, “By the way, Lubrisine is the best dry eye drop I have used in the past 20 years. I really like it.”  I hear that time and time again from happy, satisfied patients.

In conclusion, Lubrisine not only brings relief for those suffering from irritated, dry, and itchy eyes, there also appear to be therapeutic improvements that are occurring beyond simple moisture addition.  All I know is that relief for my patients extends much longer than just the temporary relief that artificial tears would bring.”

The underlying problems that cause patients to experience dry as well as allergic eye issues are not going to go away anytime soon.  Thus, a simple “cure” is not going to occur.  But Lubrisine brings a welcomed weapon to the arsenal.  It has worked superiorly compared to other products, both for me and my patients.

About Dr. Livengood

Dr. Livengood completed both his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Optometry at Indiana University in the 1970’s.  Additionally, he has been a clinical instructor at Indiana University, both paid and volunteer. 

Dr. Livengood has several specialties in the eye care industry, including advanced techniques of rigid contact lens fittings.  As President/Owner of American Contact Lens Service, INC. from 1986 until 2004, during which time he served as a consultant to many Universities as well as individual Ophthalmologists’ practices and Optometrists, he developed numerous contact lens designs which are currently used to treat various unusual eye conditions.  Dr. Livengood has lectured extensively in his field and is known around the United States for providing restored vision in many complicated eye conditions that affect corneal integrity, including a relatively uncommon situation known as keratoconus.

Dr. Livengood currently works (as of April, 2012) at Community Hospital, located in Indianapolis, IN.  Beyond standard of care medicine, one of the unique things that he brings to his practice is a thorough understanding of alternative medical care, including nutrition, detoxification, and fighting infection via alternative means.

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