Wetter Water

Increases Mucosal Absorption

The latest advances in water science provide the highly absorbable aqueous media for Results RNA? Intra-oral Sprays. In preprocessing, water is glass distilled and measured at nineteen megohms pure. A proprietary structuring process is then employed. This unique process does not alter the empirical chemistry of the water, but it does change some of its physical characteristics. In structured water, increased ultraviolet absorption can be detected attributable to increased hydrogen bonding. Theoretically the bond angle of the hydrogen atoms changes from 104.5 degrees to 109 degrees. Also the hydration shell around each ion is increased. Both the surface tension and contact angle are reduced. Essentially the water is wetter . In comparative measurements of surface tension in dynes/cm, most aqueous solutions do not fall below 70 dynes/cm, or the value for pure distilled water. The surface tension on Results RNA? Intra-oral Sprays is measured at 53 dynes/cm.

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