Ionic Mineral Concentrate

One Organic Health Ionic Mineral Concentrate Agricultural Trial Part – 2

One Organic Health Ionic Mineral Concentrate Agricultural Trial Part 2

It was determined that the most appropriate place for this trial was at the One Organic Farm in Byron Bay as they were already growing farm produce and had been for more than 10 years in all types of growing conditions. In this trial there needed to be delivery methods for the Ionic Mineral Concentrate and there were many discussions that One Organic had to have with their development partners in Asia.

One Organic knew from it research that the minerals had been used for over 30 years in parts of Asia and that they had been applied to all the industries that they were looking to address and whilst the data from other countries was very impressive those countries had differing environments to Australia / New Zealand. As the products were to be used on a local basis, they needed to meet the Australian standards and also had to be verified as organic by their certifiers.

The following applications for the Ionic Mineral Concentrate were advised by One Organics R&D development partners.

  • 1ml to 1000 ratio meaning 1mil per litre of water.
  • This ratio could be used no matter the application method.

Which brings us to the following list of application methods:

  • Soil drench
  • Folia Feed
  • Dripline

Next was to determine which of the application methods was the most cost effective and netted the best results in terms of labour / time / cost / efficiency. The farm manager was selected to manage the parameters for the trial as he has done many such production trials previously.

He decided that give there was 3 application methods he would prepare 1 bed and section it into 3 partitions. In the first section of the bed he installed drip lines and attached them to the irrigation pump. In the second section he arranged for the bed to be soil drenched prior to planting and in the 3rd section he would have the workers folia spray the plants twice a week four days apart.

Then he looked at the water quantities involved in each delivery of each method using the Ionic Mineral Concentrate and found the following. He determined the following results from each:

  1. The most economical water usage was the Folia feed which was no surprise provided the application was done in the early morning or late afternoon when evaporation was at its lowest. By far the best results were late afternoon as the plants and soil had the cool of the evening to absorb the application.
  2. The next most economical water usage was the dripline with the drench being the most wasteful. This was no surprise, but he decided that despite using more water for the drench he wanted to see what the end result would be like in achieving the goals of the trial.

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Ionic Mineral Concentrate

One Organic Health Ionic Mineral Concentrate Part 1

One Organic Health Ionic Mineral Concentrate Part 1

One Organic’s Ionic Mineral Concentrate was developed to address a number of issues that affect human health plus pollution issues in the environment related to the contamination of the water and soils. Another key factor was to develop a product that could be used to enhance human health and prevent illness.

The following points are representative of the key elements that needed to be addressed in order to meet the desired outcomes. To be effective, the product needed have all these qualities.

1. Ability to remove toxic chemicals from water / soils.
2. Ability to bind the toxins and make them inert and safe to drink in the event no filtration was available to the end user.
3. Ability to remineralise the water / soil with all the base minerals and trace minerals necessary to sustain a healthy environment and body.
4. Ability to detox the human body as well as remineralise with the necessary nutrients needed to remain healthy.
5. The results needed to be scientifically tested and benchmarked against other body detoxifier products in the market.
6. The product needed to not only be verified to be effective but also proven to be harmless if consumed.
7. The product needed to be totally harmless when used in accordance with the instructions.
8. The product needed to be affordable for both agriculture and as a health supplement.
9. The product needed to have at least 3 years shelf life and still remain effective.
10. The product needed to be able to be developed for bulk delivery to agriculture / water treatment plants and home consumers online.
11. Items 1-11 needed to be achieved without the need for additional filtration systems.

Items 1-10 were the first stages that needed to be addressed to determine the viability of producing an Ionic Mineral Concentrate.

Next the R&D departments of One Organic Health needed to design a set of trials for the Ionic Mineral Concentrate that would validate items 1-11 were possible and record the results.

It was determined that these trials would be broken down into industry needs as listed in the following:

1. Agriculture
a. Detox Soils
b. Remineralise Soils
c. Enhance Plant Development
d. Assist in producing Health Soils
2. Water Filtration
a. Detox Water by binding to heavy metals
b. Remineralise Water with base minerals and trace minerals
c. Restructure water to increase cation exchange
d. Have no requirement for secondary filtration meaning it could be used in the wild with no need for electricity or filtration systems.
3. Health Supplements
a. Ability to detox the body of living beings either human or animal
b. Be totally non-toxic
c. Easy to use
d. Ability to have measurable results when scientifically tested for detox capability and remineralisation.

To be Cont..

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ionic minerals

What are Ionic Minerals & Body Detoxifier Products?

What are Ionic Minerals & Body Detoxifier Products?

Ionic minerals are nothing but the collection of elements. Elements are the only thing that comprise the entire universe, the earth, and everything on it, including us. Our body is formed from these elements, and it is also required to replenish our body from these elements on the daily basis.

Our body processes some chemical and electrical reactions at every moment. These processes can only function correctly if we have a proper balance of minerals in our body. Our body needs a variety of vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins to stay in top working condition. One Organic health provides iconic mineral concentrate having purified mineral water with ionic minerals.

One Organic Health is owned by a certified farming family that have formulated various body detoxifier products incredibly rich in antioxidants and formulated with ingredients that support full system cleansing.

LIVER is one the most important organs when it comes to weight management and overall health of individuals. It’s the biggest internal organ weighing up to 1.5 kg. It is required to cleanse the blood of toxins that are released while food processing. The health of this organ largely determines other overall health and well being of an individual.

The most common condition affecting people today is a FATTY LIVER. In simple terms a fatty liver is sluggish liver.

When the functioning of the liver slows down it becomes overloaded with toxins and then cannot perform to its optimum level. This affects your pancreas. Which starts affecting your INSULIN LEVELS?

Fruits and vegetables are the best detoxifiers because they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy enzymes, which in turn drastically improve your overall health and well being, from your skin and nails to your digestive system.

Zeolite and Glutathione is a great addition to any detox, helping your liver to remove all the toxins and also helps to keep your digestive system well. It is a kind of liver / blood cleansing supplement.

One Organic Health are providing the highest quality nutritional supplements to our customers and also we have spent years researching products that will help you to detoxify your body.

Body detoxifying products are intended to clean your body. Everyone is toxic because of their lifestyle choices. Our body has to constantly work trying to remove toxins. We do have different approaches to detoxify your body. Vitamins and minerals replenish nutrients lost during intensive cleansing so they can be replaced using our ionic minerals.

For more information regarding ionic minerals and other health products please visit us today!

Recommended Meditation Music

This video and sound tracking is one that I find very transformational. Certain vibrations and tones have a very positive effect of the human body and central nervous system.

There has been much study into this area and like frequencies sound vibrations have been used for decades to heal and provide peace of mind.

I have created a new category related to this subject and ill be updating it on a regular basis.

Hope you enjoy catch you soon.

Whim Hoff Breathing

I have been studying this method of breathing for close to 12 months and I have now commenced the breathing and meditation and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to increase their fitness and health as well as find peace of mind.

The method is not easy but then nothing in life is that is worth doing I have started with 1-2 hour sessions of an evening and next week I am intending on doing morning and night.

I am also intending on commencing the online course next week and ill update you on the results.

I must say this it is very addictive if you into trying to achieve the highest possible levels of evolution one of the thing I enjoy the most is the tranquility of mind I feel when I have been doing it for 1/2 an hour. Things to note don’t do it after eating wait at least 1-2 hours make sure you are in a safe space and do you’re research prior so that you are fully informed its totally safe to perform this method if your follow the instructions to the letter.

There are amazing videos online this is one I hope that you enjoy.

Bye for now.

ACS200-Customer Reviews


Chris Harrell
Just have to tell you how already impressed and thankful I am with this series of sprays designed to defeat Lyme. I have only been using them for just over a week along with the antibiotics and supplements I had been taking for 4 months prior and the difference is amazing. Thank you so much for these wonderful products. People with Lyme can become very distraught and anxious for signs of improvement or rather light at the end of dark tunnel. I can already say I see the light and the tunnel is getting shorter by the day.*

kristen  Kristina S
I’ve tried so many things to get well from Chronic Lyme and Co-Infections and nothing has worked. My Mother heard on the radio about Results RNA and I decided to look into it but then forgot all about it. One day I was on my knees asking God for the answer and just crying from the misery I was in. The Results RNA page showed up on my Facebook and I read Casandra’s story and it sounded just like me. I knew I was lead to this product for a reason and decided to order it. I had results immediately. I take the sprays only once a day as my body is sensitive to everything so I take them before bed and I sweat like crazy…. this is GOOD!!! I never sweat so I know my body is detoxing out a lot of stuff. I’m having dreams again that I can remember. I’m sleeping better and taking less medication to sleep. I’m starting to function better and have better memory and I’ve only been doing the sprays a week now. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with this product!*


theresa Teresa Linzmeier
This the only thing that helped me!*



kathy   Kathy Wilkinson Garolsky
Love these products I take all 4 together has really helped with anxiety and palpitations. Using 6 sprays twice daily. Thanks for creating.*


nichole   Nichole Mester
I am blown away by how well it works, I started with 6 sprays but immediately backed off to 3 until I could handle the herx and I’ve worked my way up to 8 twice a day now but I’m on the extra strength protocol. I can breathe again, which sounds silly…but I haven’t been able to breathe right for almost a year. I have seen so many doctors and been on so much medication and antibiotics that I had given up hope and I am beyond thrilled with my results so far. I felt a difference the first day and I felt worse because of the herxing, but I also felt better because I could catch my breath! So those wondering about co-infection babesia should know that it is working amazingly for me!*

giblin   Jennifer L Giblin
It works!!! I’ve had lyme and 9 other coinfections since age 15 .. when I used this silver it helped instantly I bought the nasal spray as well just in case I felt it might be a placebo affect I had my father try it who suffers from lyme as well and he was in shock at how well it worked to relieve horrific sinusitis / mold issues … it does work I’ll never be without it.*


smith   Quinn Smith
I know for a fact I wouldn’t be functioning at 90% in remission without my RNA sprays! I was in a nursing home for almost 2 years completely bedridden and couldn’t walk or talk (bilateral Bell’s palsy). I started my sprays in October last year and was discharged in December!! I haven’t felt this good in years! I will never be without!*

Lynae Hogan
Everyone’s system is different, I had to use this Lyme Support Kit for more than 2 full months, to see positive SUSTAINED results. I am now on the 8th month, I am having good days again, I was 90% bed bound when I started, i had no good days without pain for a few years! I am doing soooo much better, my 72 yr old mom cried bc I’m doing so much better, I still have bad days, but I’m having good days again, haven’t used my wheel chair in months, don’t even use the riding shopping cart much anymore. I starting cleaning my own house again and not having to contend with intense pain everyday, has got me thinking about the things I used to love to do. Sooo… Don’t give up no matter what!! Keep spraying! Everyone is different, some people get great results right away, me? It took a couple of months for me , I almost gave up … So glad I didn’t!! Best wishes!*

Phillip Miller

I am about 75 % thru the Ultimate Lyme Support Extra Strength. Had 2 days of flu like symptoms and night sweats very early in use. Since then feel better than I have in thirty years. Thanks so much. Please keep doing what you are doing and be a blessing to as many people as possible!*

Denise Daw-Brown

For ALL of you fighting this horrible disease…..DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and BUY this product! It is what got me out of bed and gave me back the ability to participate in life enough to even go to the grocery store or the multiple doctor appts to achieve recovery from the assault of Chronic Lyme on my life. You will be glad you purchased this product! You will not be wasting your money or your time. It helps! It really helps!*

satinder  SatInder Khalsa
These products have really worked for me. Lyme Disease since 1975, undiagnosed and untreated for nearly 40 years. Those pesky bacteria were all wrapped up in their cuccoons. But apparently unable to survive these sprays. Thank you, Results RNA.*


Kim Helm Kevin Hoffman
I will be reordering this week. I felt really sick for a week and am feeling much better with more energy! My joints still ache but the swelling in my knees has really gone down and my knee pain is gone. I have been on this since Dec. 31. The benefits I’m seeing and feeling are wonderful and I’m not giving up on this product!! I have had lyme for many years so I don’t expect overnight success! I also take organic, natural food supplements with this and eat organic healthy real foods. I am excited to start my second round! Will I continue as with the first? Thank You so much!! ?*


Jesse C. Crandall
ABSOLUTELY! NOTHING LIKE THESE PRODUCTS! They work!! I’ve used them…w/o them who knows…with them I’m mobile again, energized, sleep is much better….I’m happy again !!


Rita Bradley Taylor Pettit
HERXING means it’s killing off the bacteria. I’m into my second month and have no intention of quitting. Hydrate for the HERXING. It will really help and it gets easier. It’s the best and only thing that I have ever found in 38 years that works.*

cvv1   Samantha Hanson
I’ve been on this for 2 weeks, so far I love it. More energy, I can tell I’m detoxing but it’s gentle, no crazy herx. I have slightly more energy but my stamina is longer. It’s helping a lot especially since I get much worse in winter. I’m ready to buy my next one to make sure I don’t run out. So far I say it’s definitely worth it.*

Will Shields
Attempted for four years to remedy everything on this list and more, to no avail, until I found Ultimate Lyme Support. The real deal in battling Chronic Lyme and initial Lyme infection. Never thought I would be able to start clearing both types of brain fog that i’m going through and the worsening of neuro degeneration. But I have hope for the first time! Within a week it was the difference between light and day. I’m not fully back, but the road to authentic recovery has begun. I hope anyone dealing with this finds support and real answers. Light speed everyone!*

Rita Bradley Taylor Pettit
I have been on this protocol for about one week and it is working. My mind is completely clear and all brain fog is gone. I was a very picky housekeeper before I contracted LYME and I’ve gone right back to the pain in the butt that I have always been. Driving everyone crazy. Could you please adjust the drapes about two and a half inches for me, thank you I still can’t get up and clean like I used to but I am feeling soooo much better. Thanking God for Bradley every single day. I’ve had the curse for 38 years come February 22 but I stayed far, far away from doctors and antibiotics and just used supplements and organic veggies also food cures. I ll be 73 come January so I don’t know how long this will take. I’ll keep you posted and hope it helps someone out there. I have no intentions of quitting, that word has never been in my vocabulary. This is my best CHRISTMAS ever because Bradley gave me the best gift ever. He has given me my health back again. I am so grateful to God and Bradley. Don’t be afraid to try it. I think you will love it. Do not quit taking it for any reason. Do not miss a day of your dosage. I use the Orange ACG bottle last because it has a peppermint flavor. I also take a round before bed as it helps me to sleep. I’ll keep my Lymies posted. *

Donna Chucka
Personal experience of family members and myself…it works!!!*

Deborah Medley Pledger
I’ve had Lyme symptoms for 25 years or more. I’m taking Results RNA. It took 6 horrible weeks of herxing then I woke up feeling better. I was almost totally pain free. Now 3 months later I rarely have a pain. I am still having issues with remembering. I figure this will take more time. I’m a real person(not paid by results RNA to say this either). PM me if you want. I’ts worth a try. Look up colloidial silver. It is known to kill lyme disease for years. This is the main product they sell for Lyme. Their program is better than just using colloidial silver alone. I tried that too. It helped but I was still in terrible pain. Now I can see the results. A Lyme friend of mine once told me that if you are not killing the lyme its killing you. I believe this. I hope you get help soon.*

Dunn-Slóvàcek E. Niki
For anyone questioning if this works or not….. BUY IT!!!
My little girl was on a PICC line- very little change.
We went on this – three of us in our household have Lyme, it changed our lives. Spend the money for two months!!! It will rock your world.
Clear thinking
Loss of anxiety
Getting your old life back
Seriously….. This stuff does work. *

Mary Schweis Luciano
Took me 4 1/2 months to get to full dosage. I’m up to 12 sprays tomorrow. I was driving my 12 yr old to school this morning and said “I want to whisper this but…I feel normal” After 15 years!!! Yes still dealing with daily crashes but having windows of my old self. Just received 2 more kits. I’m stocking up. Thinking about getting a years supply, afraid it won’t be available. It’s been brutal but I’ve been extremely sick for so long. A lot of repair. I’m so grateful I found this.*

Deborah Medley Pledger
I’m not payed to say this…. the Ultimate Lyme Support System has been working for me. ACS 200 kills Lyme bacteria, look it up. The Results RNA program incorporates a very strong potent protocol. Im a sceptic and i tried it only because of the reviews and it was cheaper than the other program I was on. I’m glad I did.*

Di Newman
I’m using the Ultimate Lyme therapy & have noticed a huge difference in brain fog.*

Stephanie Fritz
Yes I have used these sprays. I feel like they played a huge roll in sending the experience I have with Lyme into remission. I highly recommend them.*

Bridget Marie Tidd
Good luck!!!! You WILL see improvement…….just take it at your own pace, but I’ve been using it for a year and have seen soooooo many improvements…….don’t just not try it, because of being leery of a scam……im cautious too, but this is the real deal. . They’ve done their research!*

casandraCasandra Jaykus
Results RNA Official products are like nothing else on the market! This company and products are saving my life. I love the Ultimate Lyme Support oral sprays, the eye drops, nasal spray and the pure energy oral spray. The eye drops have saved my vision. I went to 4 eye doctors with no help. The oral sprays speak for themselves and have given me my life back. I am so amazed at the quality products Results RNA has to offer and has saved so many lives. I will be forever grateful for God leading me to this company and products. No one can ever know how horrific Lyme and co-infections are to the mind and body unless they go through it. Results RNA and their staff are one of a kind, You don’t find these kind of people often, that really care about others. You guys are truly changing the world! I love and appreciate everyone of you. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to giving us our lives back. I have been working part time from home and now getting ready to work from home as well as in the field. I am still dealing with neuropathy in my feet, however I was never told these products would heal my neuropathy, which is nerve damage. With that being said, I do know of instances of individuals that have been healed of long term neuropathy after using the Results RNA 4 pk oral sprays for 5 months, so I’m not giving up on being healed of the neuropathy too. If I had gotten a correct diagnosis from my PCP when my symptoms started and if I would have found you guys I would not have the neuropathy, but I’m sure God has allowed this for a reason and I will never give up on the neuropathy being healed as well. I am so happy to just feel normal and out of the terrible body pain. I had a whole list of symptoms that are now gone, too many to mention. Thank you again for giving me my life back!*

gfGabriella Fettucini
Here’s the latest: I started back at work (school) last week and Fri. Had the stamina to get up at 5:30am, work until 4, then stop by a coworkers for happy hour (for 4.5 hours laughing and interacting) then ride my bike the 5 miles home. THIS STUFF WORKS. I’m telling you, every day I notice symptoms disappearing. Most notable, the shortness of breath that would force me to dismount the bike and walk up the steepest hill. Not Friday, I made it with ease!!! I started with the ACG Glutathione (sp) early May and went to the whole system before June, ran out, but stayed on the ACG Glutathione. When the Results RNA arrived in July, there was no looking back at my old life. Not kidding, the stuff WORKS. Go get your life back ppl.*

Carol MacGeorge
I so believe in rna, i have been taking the Ultimate Lyme Support System only a short time, but, i am feeling much better each day. Believe me when I say that i will never,ever,ever, let myself run out of this ever! At first i was a non believer , as there are so many products out there that say everything and do nothing, but, that is not the case with Results RNA, it truly works, if your a disbeliever or maybe skeptical, as i was, do not be, it is worth a try, when your sick as i and so many are with lyme, this stuff is truly a god send, you get a 30 day money back guarantee so what is there to lose, except maybe missing out on feeling a whole lot better. I know i am feeling better and i can not wait to see how great i feel as i progress further. Thanks Results RNA!*

David Johnson
I’m on results rna and feeling so much better!*


Four Secrets to Staying Healthy This Winter

As winter arrives and temperatures plummet, your risk of getting ill rises. The new year brings with it new flu viruses and other health complications. Taking the proper precautions can help keep you and your family healthy.

Proper Nutrition Is Key

Your body needs a variety of vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins to stay in top working condition. Scientists and nutritionists have found that vitamin C alone isn’t enough. Many vitamins and minerals work together to produce beneficial health effects. For example, fats help the body absorb vitamin A and other antioxidants, and Vitamin D (which can be scarce during the cold, cloudy winter months) helps the body absorb calcium. “Superfoods” such as blueberries, spinach, and sweet potatoes are rich in a variety of nutrients and can be a powerful addition to your diet.

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Palpitations and the vagus nerve

Fascinating how the central nervous system can create such reactions in the body. During my research I came across tens of thousands of people the world over that have issues that are likely related to the vagus nerve but have been misdiagnosed by mainstream medicine. Their solution was to control the symptoms with harmful addictive drugs which caused even more serious issues and mass dependance.

Nerve Regeneration Treatment – Through Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats

Very powerful on many levels for the mind body and spirit highly recommended for creating a heightened state of relaxation.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

This  video is related to stimulating the vagus nerve so as to bring the central nervous system back into balance. When the vagus nerve is damaged or restricted it can affect many different areas of the human body.

I became interested in the vagus nerve as a result of my own personal issue that modern medicine was not able to explain.

The symptoms caused abnormal heart beats and a feeling of weakness at times and conventional medicine said that there was nothing wrong with me after multiple tests. So I decided to do my own research and the following post are all related to my research into this festinating are of the body.